Services can be one-time, monthly or annual, as needed by the user

If you need any of the services and it is not listed, call to make an appointment

You are in doubt about what you should get from IT equipment for business improvement
You have acquired something new from IT equipment (hardware, software) and the user manual is not enough
You want to update the content yourself or post new ones on your own site

You want a personal presentation online
You have just started your business and would like to present yourself on the Internet
You are in business and you want to start an online store
You need the services of a professional designer

You have stepped into the virtual world and want to present yourself on social networks
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram …

You already have a website and you need someone to make sure everything works properly
You need someone to regularly post new content on the site / social networks

You have new smart devices but you need someone to connect it all to you.
You want to get all the necessary information on your mobile phone / computer in real time.

You need to install / reinstall the operating system for any device
You want to have a device with the latest versions of the operating system and all security patches

You suspect that you have unwanted software on your device
Your device has been slowed down
You have important data on your device and want to keep it safe

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