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Aleksandar Zivkovic


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I was born on March 27, 1972 in Belgrade.
I still live in the same place today with my family, wife and three children.

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Work experience

Software Presales Technical, Kim Tec d.o.o

Belgrade, 2021 -…

November 2021 new challenges. I got a job at Kim Tec as a software sales support.

Entrepreneur, ATZIKA Agency

Belgrade, 2019 – …

I am opening an entrepreneurial agency ATZIKA. Until October 2020, I have worked mainly on the administration of MS 365 cloud services to help ITACET. Since then, I have focused mainly on creating sites in WordPress and on working as an IT support for the Korekt Company.

IT support, Supernova Travel

Belgrade, 2016 – 2018

Worked for a renowned travel agency “Supernova Travel” which had a lot of IT equipment and several maintenance sites. I was in charge of everything related to IT – created an auxiliary site, made sure that everything from computers and networks worked flawlessly so that colleagues could perform their jobs successfully.

Teacher of Informatics Technology, ES/MS "Milan Dj. Milicevic"

Belgrade, 2015 – 2016

I have worked as a substitute teacher in the elementary / middle school for a year. I have created a WordPress site for the school and maintained all of the school’s IT equipment. Working with children has provided me with a new perspective and specialized user-related experience.

Co-owner, TEKAKOM

Belgrade, 2008 – 2015

I have embarked on an independent entrepreneurial business venture with a colleague from DATA011. We were involved with multiple projects, spanning from the sale of computers and office supplies, to the implementation of networks and video surveillance, and have dealt with almost all other aspects of IT systems implementation and support. The beginning stages of our business venture were promising, but we were later faced with an economic crisis that has affected our business and forced us to abandon our business venture.

Service and system administrator, DATA011

Belgrade, 1997 – 2008

My first real job at DATA011, one of the few IBM Business Partners at the time. It was here that I gained my first experience working with serious hardware and software. My job also included working with computer networks. I have worked with individuals, but have also dealt with large companies as clients, working on everything from the laptop to dedicated server maintenance – everything went through my hands.


College of Vocational Studies

Belgrade, 2008 – 2010

I have acquired the title of “Informatics Engineer” from the Department of Business Informatics and e-Business, the Department of Electronic Business, I confirmed the title of “Informatics Engineer”.

Business School

Belgrade, 1991 – 1996

Just at the time when I enrolled in this school, it had undergone a name change from the “Higher School of Economics” to the “Higher School of Business”. I graduated from the Department of Informatics and acquired the title of “Informatics Engineer”.

Gymnasium "Rudjer Boskovic"

Belgrade, 1987 – 1991

I have completed high school in the applied sciences and mathematics field of study at the school that everyone then called “XI Belgrade’s Gymnasium” and acquired the title “Associate in Natural Sciences”. In addition to the vocations from this school, some life-long friendships remained.

Elementary school "Stevan Sindjelic"

Belgrade, 1979 – 1987

I graduated from the elementary / middle school close to my home in Belgrade. Many memories of a care-free childhood and beginnings of life-long friendships remain from that period.


1991. Driving license B, C and E categories

2002. MCP certificate

2004. Comptia A + certificate

In addition to these certificates, I attended various Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, WordPress … courses. I also edited videos at a time when my daughter was interested in Youtube. It can be said that I get along great with almost all widespread Microsoft programs, but I don’t run away from the Linux platform either. I speak English. Now I deal mainly with creating and maintaining websites.

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